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Plot Holes (obviously has major spoilers)


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I just beat the game as a LS guardian/weapon master with revan as male/ls.


First, the "WTF!!??!?!?" factor at the end of the game was unbearable- it seriously made me want to throw my controller and made me feel as if I wasted the 30 hours spent playing the game. Other than that I thought the game was good, but well below the caliber of KotOR I. At many points during the game (Nar Shadda) I felt extremely confused as what I specifically had to do to advance the plot, and I think this reflected in the story of the game as well. There was no sense of scope, no sense of epic save-the-galaxy that we so often see in the Star Wars universe. I was constantly left wondering what my role was in the game, and when that was finally answered in the endgame, I was left wholly unsatisfied. Combine this with the massive amount of asskicking I was never allowed to achieve in the first game (15-56 damage at level 13?), and I get the impression that I was just some monster ass kicking jedi that was just there killing random critters.


With all that said, impressions are not the reason for my post. I want to make a list of all the plot issues that were left unresolved, cause boy are there alot.


As a Male LS with Male LS Revan background:


Atton being controlled by Kreia. I was absolutely horrible at gaining influence with anyone in the game, so perhaps somebody who got full influence with Atton can explain this.


Darth Nihilus. 'Nuff said.


Even though I was unable to have party members on Malachor V, Mandalore was actually faded out at the Party Select screen, suggesting some sort of story reason.


GOTO and Remote- I had no idea what the hell was going on. From what I gathered, GOTO sabotaged Remote and made a subroutine that did not let him fulfill his programming in regards to the Shadow Generator. GOTO reveals this sabotage at the end of the mini-Remote Malachor V interlude, and says to wait for the General's instructions. However at the end of the game it seemed as if the shadow generator went off anyway.


Mira and Hanharr at Malachor V- She's there and then she's not there. Threat? What threat? Huh?


Carth- Everybody knows what you are except for yourself. Even Carth for cryin' out loud. Carth tells you about KotOR I, and then begs you to find any trace of Revan. But of course the game ends before you can return to him. However, right when you leave Carth's presence, in comes....


Bastila - She's alive! She has two lines! She's gone!


T3M4 and HK47- T3M4 knows where Revan has been. He breaks HK47 so he doesn't find out. Before this is resolved the game ends.



Can't think of anything else right now. Anyone got more?

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There's another thread that has a lot of information that helps to fill in the plot holes. I believe it's called "Filling in Plot Holes."


KotOR II was much more a personal story than a save-the-galaxy story. Some people like that type, some people don't.


As for the rest, I recommend checking out the other topic thread and looking in there, then perhaps posting whatever remains unanswered in there.

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