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I haven't seen this anywhere on all of the sites I've looked on, so I'm looking to see if anyone else has experienced this pretty neat "glitch".


After I defeat Mira on Nar Shaddaa in the pit, I headed to the rooms where you need to go to find your main character. After killing the first two Ubese, I opened the door ahead, then opened the next door on the left, walking along the path with the red force field. I killed them all with ease (Hanharr is quite awesome), but anyways, after doing that I went on the other side of the upper pit and did the same thing. I came back down from that side, and entered the door that is behind that first door on the left I was talking about. In it was a small room with 2 lockers and 3 ubese, after destroying them all I came upon the "Cheat Node". My targeting reticule, after disposing of the ubese, changed to blue and was fixated on the wall opposite the entrance. Nothing was on the wall, but I hit A out of reflex in the split second I had and select the wall. After selecting the wall the face of a Ubese came up in the conversation format. The text said [Cheat Node]. I hit A. And then I got the following list:


Start the final final sequence

Start the Hanharr end sequence.

Start the Mira end sequence.

Delete the 2 punks.

Delete Mira

Set Hanharr Side.

Set the global for the door.


Once you try one, you can't access the menu again. Luckily I saved right before opening the door. 'Start the final final sequence' works, it sends you into the scene where Hanharr is saved by Kreia and is commanded to serve your character. 'Start the Hanharr sequence puts Hanharr at the ventilation control, saying "Visquis dead, the Jedi gone...etc." The other options did not work.


So, what is this? Something left in by the developers? If so, was it intentional? And what of the choices that aren't seeming to work? So many questions... Oh, and sorry this post is so long. Wanted to make sure people knew how I did it.

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its pretty cool actually this here tell su how to get it


Unlock Cheat Node

The Cheat Node is a menu that can be accessed in the backrooms of the Jekk'Jekk Tar tunnels. Much like the galaxy droid from the original game, there are interesting features in this hidden menu. Some of them skip you ahead in the area, such as 'Skip to final final sequence', while others seemingly do nothing, such as 'Delete Mira'.


To access the Cheat Node, you need to climb out of the pit after defeating your opponent (Mira or Hanharr). Go through the door that leads out of the pit, after defeating the Ubese, then take the left most door. There is another door straight ahead of this where the Node is. Upon entering this room, defeating the 3 Ubese, and immediately after you defeat the last Ubese, you need to move your character to the wall directly opposite of the door and keep moving towards it.


If done correctly, your targeting reticule will go blue and select the wall for a split second. Hit A immediately. You are now in conversation mode with a Ubese who is beh ind the wall in the room with the Exit. You are now able to access the Cheat Node.

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