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I need help on Goto's yacht

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I'm just about to throw my x-box out the window in frustration. How in the heck do I get off this ship? I rescued myself, killed everything on board that I could find, overloaded and reset each program millions of times, and still nothing happens. The only program I can't overload is the one controlled at the bridge. What do I do? <_<

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I was confused there too. There isn't a secondary console.


Here's what I did:

- From the primary console, transfer everything to the seconary.

- Bash the primary console with my lightsaber.

- Went to the droid computer (?). Yellow room between the two mine fields. At that computer, I noticed that there was a message saying that the cloak was turned off and other ships where in pursuit.

- Worked my way to the Ebon Hawk and then you watch a movie.


Make sure you've rescued your main character first.


Hope this helps.

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