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Bugged quests - Global/local variables messed up

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I don't have a modded xbox and I didn't checked the game files but this is what I suspect.


If you die in certain areas and reload your game, the global variables "tracking" the plot will be messed out and some events won't trigger as they should.


Per example, I was on Nar Shadda where I was suppose to meet "Visquis" (or whatever is his name) in the bar. I was playing Dark side. I saved my game just when I after I entered in the area where you meet the Wookie if you are DS or Mira if you are LS. I met with the wookie. Until then, everything is fine. However, in the next seuqence, I was transported to another module where Atton has to fight alone, he was ill equipeed and died. When I reloaded, the wookie never appeared. I got Mira instead and it was all messed up.


Hopefully I save pretty often and I was able to reload another game. I saved my game BEFORE entering the module where you meet Mira or the Wookie and then everything wnet fine.


Similar things also happened at other places such as on Korriban when you enter the tomb with the "visions" and the door at the end would not open. Same thing on Dantone too: I saved my game just before the dialogue with Vrook at the end of the level. I fought Vrook and died. I reloaded my game an Vrook never appeared.


I also read that someone had a similar problem with the fight with the first HK-50 on Peragus and from what I can see in the boards, similar problems with t3-m4 and in many other places.


That is really annoying and I hardly understand how it has never been noticed during testing.


The solution is don't die...or save before entering a module or after an event and never before but this rather annoying and not practical (at least with the PC I could make my own patches)


I think some of the scripts that set some plot globals are fired when you enter some modules and not when the action is perfomed. Or a few code lines checking for variables are missing from the "On Enter" scripts of some areas. Therefore, when you reload a game, it's like the game already recorded an event that never happened.


There are also some problems with dialogues. Wrong branches trigger at the wrong time sometimes. As an example, the dialogue with the Salvager who sells lightsaber stuff near the ruins of the Jedi Enclave is all messed up when you go back to her once you are a Jedi.


Those are really simple to fix and they give an impression that testing has been rushed out. I really hope Obsidian will fix this for the PC version.

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