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Hey I got an Idea!!!

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What i'd like to see, although it would take alot of programming probably, is a first person view. I love NWN but the current views kind of hamper my suspension of disbelief. I'd also like to see this game maybe take on a MMORPg type feel. I mean really Dungeons & Dragons has been around forever. With all the worlds and the depth that they have it would be real easy to develop. I mean you already got all the characters, plans for the city's, geography, game mechanics, etc. I've never understood why they haven't developed one for the oldest and largest role playing thing out there. I mean we got EQ, FFXI, UOL, and stuff, but I've always dreamed of such immersion as these games have appplied to the fave worlds of Grey Hawk, Feaurun, Spelljammer, etc. I mean to delve the Ruins of Netheril, go up against the personas of Vechna and his betrayer vampiric LT. To twart the demon Iuz in his latest plot. Or fight along side the Gods in the Time of Troubles. Not to mention that there is limitless possibilites for expansion packs. You've already done the Icewind Dales, Baldurs Gate, Neverwinter, etc. Just think if these had of been areas in a huge MMORPG. LOL It'd be a task but it be one worth doing, especially since if it was done well, you would draw huge crowds from the other games just for sentimental reasons. I mean everyone I know who plays these games still play paper Dungeons and Dragons and reads the heck out of the paperback novels. HEHEHE well sorry for the long post but it's something I look forward to actually happening someday even if I have to be the only one to do it. Just thinking of Ed Greenwood sitting in front of a computer seeing my character through the eyes of the great E himself as he gives me a special easter egg mission keeps me hoping it will one day be a reality.


Well that's it for me,

Peace out. B)

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