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ATI X800 Series in full support for KOTOR 2

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From what i have experienced so far in playing KOTOR 1 with my ATI Radeon 9800

non-PRO, I have gotten random pukes when loading new areas but thast all i got.

Now from what i have read and anlyzed ATI X800 Series will be fixing this. Especually the X800 XT. nVIDIA WILL ALSO RUN GOOD WITH kotor 2 but with minor grlithes such as texture filtering and such. The reason why X800 XT outperforms the vNIDIA GeForce 6800 ULTRA is because it simply requires less power and has the unique PIPELINE Technology which allows for smooher filtering. Many of you try to proove the the opposite but it just isn't true. It's true that ATI has issues with it's drivers but the X800 series are looking forward to correcting that problem.

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