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Hiring Practices for past Interviewees


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We generally don't discount rejected candidates because many times they weren't rejected because we didn't think they could do the job. It's not uncommon to have simply found someone who is a better fit for the position. So we don't discourage resubmission.


We accept both recommendations and blind submissions. A candidate is usually evaluated by the leads of the project and the ownership of the company--so while a referral can help get the interview, it's not a shoe in for the job.


Industry wide is a crapshoot. Honestly, many companies have their different philosophies on hiring. In general, I think most encourage you to resubmit provided you have an updated resume that reflects more experience or new skills or a new demo/mod.

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Sometimes companies really do keep resumes on file, but in general I think itg's a wise course to resend a resume if another position opens up that you qualify for. It doesn't really hurt your cause to do so, and if enough time's elapsed it's possible your resume fell through the cracks.


I do second what Frank is saying, though. A rejection doesn't necessarily mean a candidate isn't qualified for the position. Sometimes the competition for a game dev job can be fierce.



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Hi guys. I'm glad to hear both your replies. Job hunting in this industry is a rediculous difficulty at times, and from experiences through other studios most peoples job submissions end up kicked around backroom floors uncaringly due to the overwhelming numbers of job hunters.


I've also encountered other scenarios where a studio will not be satisfied with the work submitted initially and will generally ignore all future submissions for whatever reason. Primarily I was afraid of a similar issue with you, but it gives me a little encouragement to know when I resend updated materials to you that they aren't immediately discarded. I was hoping that past interviews would give a boost for future consideration, but I can't imagine the number of submissions you might be getting now.


Thank you both very much for replying. I especially appreciate that you take the time to speak to people on the forums; that's one of the things that make you a better developer than most.


Best of luck and continued success!

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