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Knights of the Old Republic 2

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First of all I'd really,really like some developer feedback on this... Ever since we heard that Obsidian was developing KOTOR2 we all ran and gathered a list of what changes we want to see for this game to be even better than the first (we're talking about a gaming community of 500 people here) So please and with all due respect, listen up!


1) I think that with Luke, Anakin, Kyle Katarn and the main character in KOTOR, we've all played characters that came late to the Force. It's old,it's been done over and over and over, give us a Jedi to train since baby! At the very least, the character should have a longer period training under the Jedi arts since child and we should witness this,if not participate in,making choices during his training.


2) More feats, feats and feats. KOTOR had a very limited ammount of feats compared to,say NWN. Plus the whole character building process of KOTOR seemed rather limited compared to NWN as well. I mean you are able to chose from a huge array of feats and gain more as you level up there. That helps with replay value a whole lot! More available classes would be sweet,too,both among the Jedi and among regular people...But ditch out the scoundrel,unless you can improve them a whole lot...


3) Being able to reach Jedi Master status, with past 20 levels would be a good gift for finishing the game once, like on the second run through you could see how well you could perform with a Jedi Master!


4) You could make it so whether the main character on the previous game was a lightsider or a darksider depending on whether you yourself become a good or bad jedi on this game (e.g. you dont find it out untill the end of the game and the main char on the previous game was your ancestor),to tie the stories up better...


5) It would be sweet to see a better combat animation specific for lightsaber users. I mean they spend years learning how to use a lightsaber and fight with it just like regular people fight with swords? Throw in some special lightsaber only combat feats :p


6) Wardrobe. Too many people complained about the wardrobe in KoTor. I mean wearing a light armor meant you were going to run around wearing jogging pants... The Jedi robes were far too simplistic and lame...Look at the wardrobe of clone wars...Anakin's robe rules! So If you were to use a light armor, why have a set of jogging pants to go with it,why not just throw it over the robes,or your regular clothes? it makes more sense (and looks better).And when i get darth bandon's fiberarmor i want my clothing to be like his,and not his armor with jogging pants! he had samurai pants dammit! *ahem*


7) If you are giving us NPCs to help us,let us choose and arrange their feats from start. I mean look at Jolee,from KOTOR...He's so feat poor that if you choose to use a double bladed lightsaber with him,you will be lucky if you're able to throw in a combat feat once you're done setting him up for 2 weapon fighting....Just dont choose the feats for us please...


:) Cathar rules! Juhani was an awesome character at Kotor,probably the best NPC to have at your side on the battle... No one would be dissapointed seeing a male Cathar tearing up the battlefield...A female wookie would also be cool...


9) Needless to say,more worlds to explore, more types of aliens and enemies from the starwars universe.. Having a less linear plot would help too, it's just too cool to go around exploring as a jedi


10) Character design: Wassup with the goatees? Too many face choices having that... I spent good part of my time wondering if i could get my character to shave it off...but then i remembered what happened to Malak when he tried to shave with his lightsaber...


11) Last but not least,it's been said over and over,but here it is again: Lightsaber hilts...they help the feeling of personalizing your character,and its also a trademark of the starwars universe...



Thats all i gotta rant about...I hope our suggestions are heard :)

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Dude Im fine with them not being able to comment as long as they read it and just reply with "acknowledged" :p I understand they cannot officially comment it :)

I just want them to read it so maybe one of our ideas will show up on the new game... Im really excited with it... I actually am playing thru NWN right now, and i only got interested on it thru KOTOR on the first place.

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