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Conserning all characters

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I would like to see more face skins, i hated seeing the same face every 3 and a half minutes.



Also, maybe more expression in the face. If you were deaf you wouldn't know if some people you talked to were sad, mad surprised etc.




There are various points in the posted theme that need explanation


1. There will be more face skins, as u should know...


2. There is no freaking way u saw the same face every 3 and a half minutes, unless u did one of the following: U played 12 hours at the same boring area or u have a physicollogical problem were u think Jessica Simpson looks like Michael Jackson.


3. If u are able to pinpoint your tiny carnous light catching balls in the front of ur head, u could see that characters (especially the main) have different facial exprresions FOR EVERY OPTION IN THE DIALOGUE.


4. And finally, this theme has been posted infinite times since the beggining of KOTOR I so, don't fuc#ing post it again ok, we're BORED of it!!!!!

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