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Friendly Fire is broken for 1 player!

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I play Grounded with my two kids. We have a save game that the 3 of us have always played on Mild. Recently, one of my sons characters can be attacked even on Mild. He can't damage us, but we damage him. I switched to Whoa mode and he can't damage us still, even though friendly fire should be on in Whoa!.

I have tried having him relog, reloading the game, switching  to and from Mild/Whoa mode, him hosting, me hosting, swapping characters with him, verifying his game files on Steam, Sleeping at the bed, etc. Nothing I do prevents him from taking friendly fire.

I thought I saw this happen one time earlier and he relogged and fixed it, but now the issue persists. I have seen two other reports of this bug on the GroundedGame subreddit.

Anyone have a fix or have also seen this issue?

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