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Ideas I think that were cool

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Disclosure I have not read any patch notes, leaks, spoilers or anything like that.  


I think seasons would be a cool idea that could possibly come in the future. In spring;

flowers would grow along with grass like the upper yard and more bees, mosquitoes, wasps would be about the yard and litter would become more frequent.

In summer;

the thirst rate would be higher. Dew less frequent. Bugs crowding around watering holes like the pond or puddle near the hedge.

In autumn;

leaves would fall and worms can be seen burrowing underneath and you can dig them up with a tier two shovel to fight. They would whip you with themselves and would drop hide and sludge used  for stronger smoothies and pet armour. Which would boost the length of smoothies and  effectiveness of the smoothies effect.

In winter;

there would be a heat factor where you would need to stay warm, weather holding a torch (which would run out quicker), be near an oven, roasting spit, cookery or just wearing fluffy armour or being in your base with some sort of heat (like lamps ).Also the pond would freeze so you could skate and play hockey, or harvest for ice for a war hammer or battle-axe or great-sword and ice arrows. Maybe snow so you can move(with a shovel) it to make snow walls and snowballs for fun with friends. For the ice weapons they will haft to stay in a freezer during summer . To make them it would be ice + mint + lint rope =weapon.

I do know that the developers  are struggling to find new ways to make a new biome and add new bugs. But WHAT IF next door there was a house for sale or a lazy bug owner/ collector where he/she would never check the yard. So it would be a new biome, this would be over on the left hand side of the map(by the MIX.R with black ants and mosquitoes) and be activated when you get your first tier three gold card.  How it actually happens is a storm rolls over and breaks the fence so there is one beam which is wobbly where you can slip through into a new yard.

If there was a new yard it would be difficult to transport goods quickly because of the vast distance, so what if there was a RC car or helicopter where you find it in the new yard and link up the transmission to BURG.L and repair it to then use. But the battery would be a downside, so maybe you would find them around the place like milk molars but rarer or recharge the battery's or just crafting them but I would think you would haft to earn them by defeating something tough like Wendel`s secret lab or maybe Schmector`s secret lab where mutated insects were the final foe like a spider-beetle or ant-moth or any hybrid.

Another way of travel could be , taming bugs. If this was an idea there would be different classes like heavy, medium and light. The purpose of heavy would be transporting items using a rolly poly or ladybird. Medium for travelling with some carried gear on a spider or wasp. And light for merely going quick like multiple aphids like on a sled or scarabs or soldier ant or mosquitoes. But to tame them you will need a whip of some tier. For tier one you will need the new slug creatures antenye to make a whip to tame, for tier two a snail antenae and for tier three and four a ****roaches antenye which will take some tier three or four leather antenys and parts.

In this new yard there would haft to be new bugs ,which should be tier three+ and the accasional  aphid ,weevils and gnats .

IV scorpions, this would be a boss and inflict deadly venom, have no resistances and  if defeated drop parts, venom and pincers. These would be used to make a venom halberd and armour. It would be pretty quick and live/be summoned in a crack in the new house it would need black widow, infected broodmother and hedge broodmother parts and be called a spider sandwich. To unlock the sandwich you will haft to find it in the new lab.

IV trapdoor spiders ,it will live in multiple areas such as different slopes. it will be pretty difficult to tell where the trapdoor is so it may fly open and take you in. It will be it will be in a small chamber and be very strong quick and have no resistances it will have new attacks so it is not just some buffed orb weaver and pose quite a challenge. If killed it will drop fangs, parts to make dual daggers.

IV ****roach, It would be very quick ,tanky. It would be found in crevices by the house and drop parts, antenye and shells /plating. These would be used for armour, shield and a whip.

IV hornets, these would live in the nest on the dying tree (new house biome), inflict venom , not so healthy / tanky . It would drop stinger, parts and a head it would be used to make a spear. They are almost be like wasps but the twist is you can go in their nest and look around and get treasure. There would be the same roles like drone and queen.

IV hornet queen, this would be at the end of the nest and drop queen head , stinger and parts. These would be used to craft a queen hornet crossbow and guard a BURG.L chip which unlocks the normal sigh print, furniture but also ominent defence which is better turrets with missile rounds, thermal goggles, drones and cameras. 

I and II slugs and snails, these would be in the original yard and drop sludge for buffing smoothies and a snail shell for a shield. To get a snail shell you will haft to bust the shell to get shell parts to then make a shield. After busting a snails shell it will practically be a slug.

III caterpillar, these would be neutral and roam quite freely around, if angered they will bite and spike you with their deadly hairs they will drop spikes/hairs for arrows and hide for armour

IV butterfly, these will fly around flowers and be neutral if angered they will bite, smack, push with wind and dive attack. The wind attacks are very strong because of their wingspan and will drop wings for a glider parts for stuff.

IV eastern hercules beetle , these will be very tough and deadly having a special grab attack/through attack. When killed the parts will be used for a battle hammer or something big, armour and a shield. These will roam around wooded bits.

IV toad, this will be a boss which will randomly jump around the arena, grab you with it's tongue, bite punch and body slam you. If killed you will get parts ,which can be used for a grapple hook and jump boots. It will spawn in sewers and dose not require any summoning it will just be in an arena which will close up once entered.

III frogs, will be quick, agile and speedy. It will not have as much health as toads or damage output. It will live outside the sewers and in. Once killed it will drop parts for armour and a tongue whip or parts for a flail 

IV huntsman spider, these will freely roam and be big but quick. It will have venom but no too deadly . if killed it will drop parts for a scythe like parts and fangs .

IV bullet ants, these will be angry and pack a punch of venom , it will have a colony somewhere. They will have the same roles as other ants. If killed they will drop parts for armour and a sword.

IV crickets will be like scarabs but will unlock a special weapon ability like for a katana a dash, for an axe a constant spinning attack etc . These will be activated with a utility unlocked from butterfly parts.

III flies, they will be like a tier three gnat which will slam you off target if killed they will drop parts for armour which will make you glide and double jump.

IV Venus-fly trap, these will catch any flying bug or jumping teen , they will bite at you and swallow you whole. If you don't kill from inside within a time limit you die. If killed they will drop parts for a dual spiky axes.

Those were all my ideas, thank you for reading and leave any suggestions.





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