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Star Wars KOTOR II TSL(spoilers for those who haven’t played this 2 decade old but yet still awesome game)

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So I really would like to understand something in KOTOR II. So anyone who’s played the Second KOTOR game (TSL obviously) I’m curious about how when Mandalor tells Keri’s the future of the Mandalorians and Kreia says “Indeed?” (And goes on to say something Yoda told Luke about his friends fate “the future is always in motion” and goes on from there’s but come the end of the game offers to tell your character (the exile obviously) the future. How can Kreia say the future is in motion like Yoda far later to Luke and then say what all the characters that are party members throughout the main story. How can she say the future is in motion and then say she offers to tell the future of most party members (save not answering about the droids) I’d really like to know anyone’s thoughts on this. 

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