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So firstly I would love if the game added a trapdoor spider into the game. I think it would be awesome if there was a new foggy area in the undershed that you need a late game item to get into like a access card made from upper yard bug parts. Once entering there will be a decently big area (preferably as big as the black widow area in the undershed + some tunnels that the trap door spider can go into) in this area there will be tons of webs to slow you down along with the trap door spider that has several “trap doors” it uses to surprise attack you with along with the fog really making it interesting and a harsh environment. Trap door spiderlings wouldn’t be necessary. It will give more spider parts then orbweavers and wolf spiders along with web. I think there could also be some kind of special web it drops that can be made into a projectile for bows/crossbows and can slow down bugs and make flying bugs drop to the ground dazed for a few moments before getting back up/flying. It would have the same respawn time as black widows. 

I think a centipede boss would also be a amazing addition, having more health then the broodmother. It would be located near the house and on the porch deck. It would be blocked off by tier III debris that you would need the tier III axe or hammer to break. Centipedes feed on silverfish, roaches, and spiders. Silverfish have been something the community has wanted for a while so I think silverfish bug parts and black widow spider parts would be a good thing to use to make the summoner for the centipede. The arena being pretty much as large as the lizard arena was going to be. Centipedes Chiten armor  is insanely strong to the point where you can’t stomp on one to kill it, you would need to grind your foot to kill it. Going off this point I think Chiten plates from the centipede would be a good drop. Along with a end game spear that uses its tail spike, tough gunk could also be dropped by the centipede. And keep in mind centipedes are somewhat venomous so you could add that. Im thinking some of the attacks would be similar to the iceworm from subnautica below zero (minus the burrowing and jumping into the ground, unless you want to add that too)


Now for a new biome I think a greenhouse would be the way to go. I know this would be incredibly hard to implement but it would be amazing. Adding sprinklers into then greenhouse to water the carnivorous plants and exotic plants. There is so much potential with plants in the greenhouse. It would be a humid tier III enviroment with a scorpion boss that had maybe escaped a broken terrarium. Dropping scorpion stingers and claws along with scorpion venom that could be made into scythes. The greenhouse also having aloe for healing items. And there could be some bees in there and maybe even some butterflies. Ladybugs and rollypollys would also be in there and maybe a few orbweavers.


Assassin bugs have been mentioned by the devs before, they would be a very nice add-on to grounded and could have 1-2 in the greenhouse.

 Fire ant queen and Lizard, as for the fire ant queen that was redacted along with the Lizard. They were both so close to making it already. The Lizard boss is already done and the fire ant queen is pretty much done as well. These would be amazing to add to the game.

Inside of the shed was also something that is pretty much done as well. Leaked images of them already on the grounded wiki fandom.


Hercules beetles. Please. They are so cool, I know we have the Ox beetle already but maybe the Hercules beetle would be a few spawned creature like the green shield bug. The armor could have thorns damage along with being tank like armor.

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I agree so much! I've been wanting them to add scorpions for so long. And all of the great points you make really interest me. I'm just absolutely surprised that this hasn't blown up by now, we need the devs to see this post.

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On 9/5/2023 at 9:53 AM, Howardtheduck12 said:

Yes!! Love it!!

’small’ problem tho, the yard is kinda full… where would a greenhouse fit?

I mean, they could probably just expand and build it inside a fence, or make it so we can explore our neighbor's backyard and they have a greenhouse and other cool sh*t

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On 9/17/2023 at 9:28 PM, Howardtheduck12 said:

Maybe, but the grounded team is only so big, I mean, it took them 3 years to get to where we are now, and who knows how long in pre-beta!

The idea of another yard may sadly just have to wait until grounded 2


True, we can only hope

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