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New Game Idea With Partial Focus On Actual Issues Near Real Time

KEK Freedom

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Idea Inspired from Fallout 76 ---- New Game Proposal called, "Quasi-Hope Fallout Prep Prequel" - (Subtitle: Pursuit Of Quality Life During Tough Times ) : It is like Falllout 76, but is focuses on more reality near time range of 2001 to 2055 (prior to major nuclear war), with mixture of stories based on combo of real events, hyperbole, and use of sims for real lessons in crafting, staying free in practice, and so on. In comparison to Fallout 76 it may have even stranger stories which show closer parallels to real life, conspiracy theories, science ideas, philosophy, and practical lessons in life. It can have tie-ins to real events, to complex layered corruption, and to social problems, and social hopes connected to actual events and ideas of freedom. So, for the game , the writing could have ways to drop in actual events and/or plausible theories for about 50% to 70% in the sub-plots and overall operation of the game. This particular game would be outside of the Fallout Universe, as it would focus more on certain issues and colorful events near times of 2001 to 2055, but it would be close to Fallout. Alternatively, it could be interesting to see a Fallout Prequel game (i.e. before nuclear war in Fallout Universe).

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