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DLC or New areas for the game

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Maybe for a DLC, it would be cool to see an ice area like the weed killer can but liquid nitrogen, covering the area with snow and new labs where we can see frozen creatures and humans, and like the coals where we sizzle but instead freeze and use the dust fuzz or fuzz to reach such area and keep warm,  it would be awesome to see new creatures and weapons and the labs can have experiments of frozen creatures and how they may escape and how some failed. Would be amazing to see and play through. Another DLC area for the game would be a radiation zone just like the  Weed killer can it can be glowing Uranium or plutonium and can offer new weapons powered by radiation or electricity where we can make batteries or a new electric wand or armor protection against the radiation would be awesome to play creatures mutated by the radiation. These two areas can offer tier-4 challenges and creatures/weapons. That's all the game is great really love it and hope there is more to come 
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