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Grounded House Update + Centipedes & Millipedes, ****roaches, etc. (Additional sewage update + Rat boss fight)

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Obsidian can possibly add an area where you can access the house. The house can have different locations and can be accessed once you finish the current story. In order to access the house, you need to go through a small rotting gap near the trash area filled with ****roaches and other nasty critters. Then once inside the house, you can start exploring areas. The challenge is definitely going to be making paths to go up the high places. Obsidian can add bed bugs, centipedes, millipedes, etc. almost any insect you can find inside a house. They can even add a small sewer area where you'll fight a rat as a boss (Rat boss fight doesn't necessarily need to be close-quarters combat. It can be like an environmentally interactive boss fight)

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