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New Animals and Places

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Hello as an OG Grounded Player, I believe that a COOLER Area could be added to the Upper Grass. In that area, you could add insects that consist of Ladybirds, Wooly Caterpillars, etc. I also think that in the tree you could have a squirrel similar to the Koi Fish and The Crow. It would drop Squirrel Tail Fur which could be used to make a Tier 3 chest plate that acts as a Wing Suit and could be called Flying Squirrel Wingsuit. It would be a repairable Dandelion Tuft-like armor.

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Where would you put said cooler place?

the backyard is already at its tipping point from messy to hoarder level of clutter. I like the squirrel idea, but it’s drops sound kinda silly to me. fur is actually kinda dense, so using it to glide seems a little silly, but I like the idea of a new glider. Maybe one made of crow feathers? Or wasp wings?

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