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Expeditions Suggestion

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In the case that Grounded is supported for months or years to come, Expeditions would a great addition to the game for both new players and veterans.

Why "Expeditions"? The idea is to allow veterans to export their progress to an extent from the Backyard into newer maps, essentially them leaving the Backyard and exploring elsewhere, but of course, also allowing new players to simply start from scratch. "Expeditions" would be new maps with new biomes, neutral hazards, creatures, and objectives. Of course, the feasibility of the scale depends on the map but this would provide new players variety and veterans a reason to return after completing everything else but giving them the option of skipping the tedium of gathering all their tools and resources again.

Should these Expeditions be large scale, new characters could also be a nice addition, providing players more choice when it comes to the character they're playing and also leave the door open to the implementation 4+ player lobbies.

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