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Bugged salt morningstar recipe?

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Trying to get 100% achievement.
I have everything, I think.
I found all the skeletons and have their books and pictures. I did all the mix.r's. Found all the data in every tab. Found all the milk molars, and mega milk molars. Grinded the daily quests and bought everything in the store.
I'm stuck at 99% and the games hint is something about yard data.

I have 4 recipes. The salt morning star is missing, however I can still craft it. I went and re-visited the sandbox and it's not in the chest.


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I'm just dumb.
I had the salt morning star recipe, and not the bomb arrow recipe. After going back and getting the bomb arrow recipe, I got 100%

As a sidenote: I did have to log into xbox, and start a multiplayer game and load my SP game to actually GET the achievement

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