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So I just discovered mushroom bricks and decided to rebuild the entire house from the ground so I demolished my 5x5x4 2 floor hose made out of stick walls and floors. While I was recycling the parts I felt the framerate gradually dropping until it reached around 15 fps but I kept picking up any resource that dropped and threw the sticks into the Koi pond knowing that they would despawn in a couple days. When I was done recycling there was a lot of sticks in the water and the low fps made me restart the game to make the drops despawn, when I opened the world again the sticks were gone but the framerate was still around 15 fps in a radius of 100cm from the center of the base but when you got away it returned normal. After a couple hours of attempts to make the game come back to normality but all I got was the bad framerate stable allover the map and not only around my base.

Can someone tell me what could the problem be?

I looked allover the internet but the only thing causing this are the ants bringing food near the trash hill and there is no food there, I'm clueless

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