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(Difficulty: PotD upscaled)

First of all I wanted to say that my English isn´t very good. I studied it years ago, but by not using it at work or outside of it, I have lost a lot of practice.

Going to the topic, for the third time I played this game, I wanted to do it with the companions that I like the most ((Edér, Hiravias, Zahua, Aloth and Sagani) and building them around the abilities/spells that I also like the most, which are the ones that cause push, prone, stun (because what better push than those that knock enemies down or stun them), and the opposite effect, pull.

All companions have one of these abilities/spells:

Edér: Knock Down, Into the Fray, Overbearing Guard, and Clear Out.

Hiravias: Winter Wind, Overwhelming Wave, Boiling Spray, Calling the World's Maw, Cleansing Wind, Tornado, and Storm spells.

Zahua: Force of Anguish, Skyward Kick and Stunning Blow.

Aloth: Slicken, Pull of Eora, Concelhaut's Crushing Doom and Tayn's Chaotic Orb.

Sagani & Itumaak: Takedown, Stunning Shots and Master's Call.

MC Priestess of Berath: Repulsing Seal and Pillar of Faith

I played as the Priestess of Berath because her favored dispositions (Rational and Stoic) fit my idea of a group made up of bounty hunters.

For new players and for all those who want to read it, I'm going to put the builds of each member of this "Pull & Push party"


The Front line


His main role is to maintain the front line and disable enemies, causing push, pull, prone and dazed.

With Hold the Line, and Shatterstar his engagement range is 3, and with Overbearing Guard the enemies think twice before breaking the engagement.

Knock Down and Overbearing Guard can inflict prone, Clear Out push and prone and Into the Fray, approach an enemy (pull), does piercing damage and can inflict dazed.

Into the Fray is hilarious when used against a priest who just cast Consecrated Ground to hammer their face, but it can also be used in reverse, against more dangerous melee enemies, for a face to face.

If Edér is well positioned, Charge is his most powerful ability.


Fighting Spirit (a)

Constant Recovery (a)

Second Wind (a) (Athletics) (1 p/enc.)

1) Knock Down (a) (2 p/enc.)

3) Disciplined Barrage (1 p/enc.)

5) Into the Fray (2 p/enc.)

7) Armored Grace

9) Overbearing Guard

11) Confident Aim (better than Weapon Specialization)

13) Charge (2 p/enc)

15) Clear Out (2 p/rest)


2) Hold the Line

4) Weapon & Shield Style

6) Weapon Focus: Soldier

8- Bear´s Fortitude

10) Rapid Recovery

12) Apprentice Sneak Attack

14) Body Control

16) Bonus Knock Down (1 p/enc.)

Skills: 14 (12 + 2 Mantle) Survival (for +60% heling received), 6 Lore, rest to Athletics


  • Shatterstar (Durgan Refined, Exceptional, Corrosive Lash, Slaying (Primordial)) + Dragon's Maw Shield
  • Tempered Helm
  • Wayfarer´s Hide (Superb, Crush-Proofed, +2 INT)
  • Mantle of the Excavator
  • Siegebreaker Gauntlets
  • Girdle of Maegfolc Might
  • Ring of Thorns
  • Ring of Protection
  • Boots of Stability
  • Quick items: Potion of Power, Scrolls of Prayer Against Fear, Scrolls of Prayer Against Restraint, Scrolls of Binding Web

I have chosen Shatterstar as Edér´s weapon because it does two types of damage, because of its Guarding enchantment (+1 enemies Engaged), you can get it soon and because it was carried during Waidwen's march on the Dyrwood.

The buffs from the Tempered Helm's Freedom enchantment and Wayfarer's Hide don't stack, but I still keep them because the other enchantments these items offer are very good, and also give Edér the look of sturdiness and fierceness that I was looking for him.


He´s the main damage dealer. Hiravias starts by casting his buffs (like Form of the Delemgan), then debuffs/crowd crontrol spells (Nature's Mark, later Nature's Terror), then damage spells (Storm spells, Venom Bloom) and lastly, if there's anything left alive, then shapeshifting, because I'm more interested in its AoE damage.


2) Veteran's Recovery

4) Weapon Focus Peasant

6) Two Weapon Style

8- Wildstrike Shock

10) Greater Wildstrike Shock

12) Heart of the Storm

16) Apprentice Sneak Attack

14) Savage Attack/Marksman

Skills: Survival 8 (bonus to healing), Lore 10, rest to Athletics.


  • Rêghar Konnek + Black Sanctuary (Durgan Reinforced, Exceptional)
  • Greenstone Staff
  • Stag Helm
  • Swaddling Sheet
  • Blaidh Golan (Durgan Reinforced, Exceptional, Slash-Proffed, +2 MIG)
  • Celebrant’s Gloves
  • Wildstrike Belt
  • Gwyn’s Band of Union
  • Orlan's Bramble Ring
  • Boots of Stability
  • Quick items: Potion of Infuse with Vital Essence, Scrolls of Confusion, Scrolls of Paralysis, Scrolls of Maelstrom

Master Spells:

Nature´s Mark, Insect Swarm, Returning Storm and Form of the Delemgan

For early levels Winter Wind and Firebrand are 2 great spells. Winter wind is a fast cast, only damages enemies, disables blights, slows shadow teleport, and does decent damage. Firebrand is awesome when the shapeshift duration is over, the combat is still going on, and you don't want to waste a lot of spells. With my level 3 adventurer druid, she was able to reach 72 damage attacks.

I put Hiravias in the front line so I can use spells like Overwhelming Wave and Tornado without damaging my teammates.

The Second Line

MC Priestess of Berath

Race: Human, Meadow folk

Background: Aedyr - Cleric

Class: Priest


MIG 16, CON 08, DEX 16, PER 14, INT 16, RES 08

Built around the concept of "The Pallid Knight": human female in black armor with black hair and milk-pale skin.


Dominion of the Sleepers (Watcher) (1 p/rest)

Steps to the Wheel (Watcher) (1 p/rest)

Speaker to the Restless (Watcher) (2 p/rest)

Crucible of the Soul (Watcher) (1 p/rest)

Dozen´s Luck

The Merciless Hand

Scale-Breaker (1 p/rest)

Blooded Hunter

Dungeon Delver

Berath's Boon

Song of the Heavens

2) Inspiring Radiance (1 p/enc.)

4) Interdiction

6) Painful Interdiction (1 p/enc.)

8- Scion of Flame

10) Veteran's Recovery

12) The Pallid Hand

14) Two-Handed Style

16) Outlander´s Frenzy (1 p/enc.)/Apprentice Sneak Attack

Skills: Survival 8 (for +40% heling received), Lore 12 (Scrolls of Prayer Against Treachery and interactions), rest to Athletics

Early in the game it works as a ranged priest, but once I buy the Belt of the Royal Deadfire Cannoneer I start using it in melee with Firebrand.

Late game, once durganized and upgraded, I use The Hours of St. Rumbalt

She will never do as much damage as with her damage spells, but still, with Two Handed Style, Champion's Boon/Minor Avatar... the damage will be acceptable, especially if it lands a crit, with the multiple crit damage modifiers (Merciless Hand, the weapon's enchantment...). And with the gloves and Outlander's Frenzy, she will attack fast enough.


  • Nightshroud + Little Savior (Durgan Reinforced, Superb)
  • The Hours of St. Rumbalt (Durgan Refined, Legendary, Buerning Lash)
  • Maegfolc Skull
  • Cape of the Master Mystic
  • Blackwarden´s Breast (Durgan Reinforced, Superb, +2 PER)
  • Gauntlets of Swift Action
  • Belt of the Royal Deadfire Cannoneer
  • Gathbin Family Signet
  • Seal of Faith
  • Shod-in-Faith
  • Quick items: Potions of Deleterious Alacrity of Motion, Potions of Infuse with Vital Essence, Scrolls of Prayer Against Treachery, Scrolls of Wall of Flame, Scrolls of Insect Swarm.

I've leveled Lore on the other teammates to free her from having to cast Prayer Against... except the last one, so she can go on the offensive before the fights are over.

Master Spells:

Blessing, Divine Mark, Dire Blessing and Devotions of the Faithful


It is something similar to a glass cannon build, whose main objective is to "clean" enemies from the battlefield.

Start the fight facing an enemy. While he is taking wounds, Zahua can finish him off, come to the rescue from the rear or start cleaning up the enemies disabled by Edér.

In tough fights he greatly benefits from Form of the Delemgam, and Potions of Llengrath's Displaced Image or Crowns/Shields for the Faithful.

Also, with Graceful Retreat, and the Form of the Delemgam bonus he gets +37 defenses on disengagement


Fighting Spirit (a)

Transcendent Suffering 4 (a)

Second Wind (a) (Athletics) (1 p/enc.)

1) Torment's Reach (a)

3) Swift Strikes

5) Force of Anguish

7) Stunning Blow (2 p/enc.)

9) Enervating Blows

11) Iron Wheel

13) Skyward Kick (2 p/enc.)

15) Flagellanth's Path


2) Veteran's Recovery

4) Two Weapon Style

6) Lightning Strikes

8- Heart of the Storm

10) Graceful Retreat

12) Spirit of Decay

14) Weapon Focus: Ruffian

16) Apprentice Sneak Attack


Skills: Survival 8 (bonus Heal), Lore 10, rest to Athletics


  • Fists
  • Bittercut (Durgan Refined, Superb, Corrosive Lash, Slaying (Beast)) * 2 (Helwax Mold)
  • Hermit´s Hat
  • Robe (with blood) (Durgan Reinforced, Legendary, Crush-Proofed, +2 DEX)
  • Ruphec's Watchful Cloak MKII
  • Mourning Gloves
  • Belt of Bountiful Healing
  • Pensiavi Mes Rèi
  • Ring of Protection
  • Boots of Speed
  • Quick items: Flask of War Paint, Potions of Llengrath's Displaced Image, Scrolls of Confusion, Scrolls of Prayer Against Bewilderment, Scrolls of Valor

The +40% healing received from the Survival bonus + 25% from the Belt of Bountiful Healing, and the passive healing from Veteran's Recovery, help Zahua stay alive throughout the fight.

Ruphec's Watchful Cloak MKII is very good here because I want Zahua to take damage, but not get overwhelmed, also the +2 PER.

The Rearguard


I use Aloth in a similar way to Hiravias, but with the difference that Aloth is the crowd controller of the party.

Aloth starts, if necessary, by casting the scrolls of Prayer against..., then he casts his buffs (Deleterious Alacrity of Motion, Eldritch Aim), if necessary some defensive spells (Llengrath's Displaced Image) and then starts with the debuffs / cc spells (Miasma, Pull of Eora, Gaze of the Adragan).

Once the enemies are under afflictions, he starts casting damage spells, or I use blights with Combusting Wounds to not spend as many spell slots.


2) Weapon Focus: Noble

4) Blast

6) Penetrating Blast

8- Marksman

10) Secrets of Rime

12) Penetrating Shot

14) Dangerous Implement

16) Interrupting Blows

Skills: Mechanics 13, 1 Survival, Athletics 1, rest to Stealth


  • Golden Gaze (Exceptional, Freezing Lash, Slaying (Wilder))
  • Gyrd Háewanes Sténes
  • The Witch's Hat
  • Raiment of Wael's Eyes (Durgan Reinforced, Superb, Pierce-Proofed, +2 MIG)
  • Lilith's Shawl
  • Bracers of Spiritual Power
  • Looped Rope
  • Ring of Overseeing
  • Telda's Ring
  • Vietto’s Formal Footwear
  • Quick slots: Potions of Infuse with Vital Essebce, Potions of Merciless Gaze, Scrolls of Insect Swarm, Scrolls of Prayer Against Infirmity

Master Spells:

Eldrich Aim, Miasma of Dull-Mindedness, Deleterious Alacrity of Motion, Pull of Eora

Sagani + Itumaak

The second damage dealer of the team, if you invest in Itumaak's skills and talents.

Sagani always starts  with Stormcaller to try to trigger Returning Storm, then switches to Persistence and activates Twinned Arrows. For enemies immune to piercing damage I keep Stormcaller up throughout the fight.

To get the most out of Stalker's Link and Stunning Shots, Sagani and Itumaak should attack the same target.


Hunter's Instincts (a)

Second Wind (a) (Athletics) (1 p/enc.)

1) Wounding Shot (a) (2 p/enc.)

3) Predator's Sense

5) Stalker's Link

7) Takedown (2 p/enc.)

9) Driving Flight

11) Stunning Shots

13) Twinned Arrows

15) Master´s Call (3 p/rest)


2) Resilient Companion

4) Marksman

6) Vicious Companion

8- Merciless Companion

10) Brutal Takedown

12) Heart of the Storm

14) Weapon Focus Peasant

16) Apprentice Sneak Attack/Envenomed Strike (3 p/rest)

Skills: Survival 10 (+15 Accuracy Bonus), Lore 10, rest to Athletics

With her high base class accuracy, high dexterity, her racial bonus, Survivai bonus, Blackwarden's Breast (friendly aura) bonus, and Cloak of the Frozen Hunt bonus she will crit a lot, especially against beasts.


  • Persistence (Durgan Refined, Superb, Shocking Lash, Slaying (Beast))
  • Stormcaller
  • Helmet of Darksee
  • Cloak of the Frozen Hunt
  • Tundra Clothing (Legendary, Pierce-Proofed, +2 INT)
  • Gauntlets of Swift Action/Gauntlets of Accuracy
  • Sentinel's Girdle
  • Bartender´s Ring
  • Ring of Thorns
  • Glanfathan Stalking Boots
  • Quick items: Potion of Infuse with Vital Essence, Scrolls of Protection, Scrolls of Prayer Against Imprisonment, Scroll of Moonwell

Thanks for reading!

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I had to edit it several times to finish it.
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The 2 characters with the most micromanagement are the priestess and Zahua. You can always swap Zahua for Kana, e.g. and use "The Thunder Rolled...", which has a nice in-game animation and can push and stun.
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