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Building integrity probs.

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I have building integrity switched off and have just started to build a base floor high up around the oak tree. I have piece of stem scaffolding up on top the floor to start a zip line…and all of a sudden every single thing in this build says it is supporting 705 things! I have recycled the scaffolding which is supporting nothing in theory although it says it is, and the whole thing collapses. So I turned the game off quick before it could save and then logged back in and the build is still there but still saying that every piece of it is supporting 705🫤

So it means that I either stop this build or whatever I put down cannot be deleted as the whole thing is connected to it for some bizarre reason😞

Any and all ideas gratefully received!!

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Yeah I have issues with this as well. I've just learned to kinda plan out the build first, either by doing it in creative, or just visually doing so. It is scary to think one piece getting destroyed can collapse an entire structure. There may be a fix to this that someone else has discovered, and hopefully they'll find this and relay their fix.

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