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Nevewinter Nights 2 possibility of online co-op 2023

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Hello everybody! I wish you all a Happy New Year!

I and 3 friends of mine like playing co-op online games. We are seriously considering buying this game to play together online co-op on its campaign. 2 of these friends of mine (twin brothers) played it in the distant past offline and found it very good, despite not having good understanding of the D&D 3.5e mechanics used in the game. We are also into the D&D 3.5e during the recent years, so this game is the closest we can get to it, with its large variety of base and prestige classes. Not to mention it has low requirements so the laptop of one of my friends will be able to handle it.

Before buying the game, I need some help from you in the form of info. What I really need to know are the following:

1) Is the co-op campaign online (not LAN) possible nowadays? If yes, does it require a special method other than just selecting it from the in-game menu? Has anyone made it work as of this time of writing?

2) If online co-op campaign is indeed possible, what characters do players control? Does the host control the main character and the other players use the standard party members or can all 4 of us make different custom characters and join the adventure?

Thank you all in advance and I look forward to your responses! Any further info will surely be appreciated!
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