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Hi, I just finished Pentiment and that was a nice experience. But I played it in French and I have to say the translation is sometime weird and confusing, especially in the last chapter.  Most of the translation is good but, you have here and here some weird sentences. It's like the translator didn't know who was talking and what was the context. The main problem I've seen is a confusion between "Tu" and "Vous", two words for "You" in French.  Characters are sometime switching between the two in a same conversation and this is something you cannot do in French. It's really confusing. Some words are also mistranslated. For example, in the last chapter Andreas says something about him being crazy. "Crazy" is translated as "folle» but this is the word for a woman, the correct word for a man is "fou". In another conversation a character says that Otz and Magdalene are a good "match". The English word "match" is also used in the French translation but, if you can use it nowadays, this is absolutely not a medieval way of talking. Just like if, in a movie, a medieval king was saying "that's cool bro" or something like that. Finally, there are sometime sentences I didnt even understand. Weird sentences which seems to be a word for word translation from English. The game is still understandable but this is too bad for a game mainly based on text. 

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like Octave in the previous message, i want to warn about the bad french translation, especially in the last part of the game, when we play with Magdalene.

If the translation in french is quite good fot the rest of the game, the last part is very, very bad. It seems like the translators have completly let down their work in this part. The "vous" and "tu" have no sense, many words and sentences are really weird or not very understandable.

Like Octave said, the game in general is still understandable, but this last part is really bad and not professionnal at all, it is sad for this game which is so good !

Thank you,


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