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Grounded was not given enough time and seems like it is being abandoned.

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This game was released too early.  Planned content and features have been silently removed from the Feature Board, and no communication from anyone (that I could find) about what is happening, which is worrying.  The most recent patch added broken ground textrues, and massively increased lag and desync issues, which seems to be primarily caused by ants harvesting and stocking infinite food and rotten food, this seems like it would have been easily caught if there was more than a skeleton crew still on the game.

It seems like we're missing a bunch of weapons and armor we should've gotten.  No tier3 ladybird armor? was there no time to re-texture the ladybug armor? Termite Armor has only one piece? No Tier 3 Bows? No Tier 3 Crossbows? No Salt Staff?

There are big gaps in building items too, no mushroom curved half-walls? No mushroom or ash foundations? No ash pillars? No horizontal half walls of any kind, or 1X1 floors ? (to be fair, these might be because of possible pathing problems)  It's even worse with the decorative items, we should've got new sconces, tables, and chairs, but it's especially egregious that there are no craftable trophies after the broodmother, and no stuffed bugs after the stinkbug, that is a huge dropped ball when it comes to base building.

The yard itself has massive areas where there is just nothing, no secrets on the house patio? Even worse there are a few places where things were just removed, I heard the bicycle basket had a bunch of stuff taken out, doesn't seem worth it to build up and check anymore. Everything in the upper yard takes a significantly larger amount of grinding than the lower yard, to artificially extend gameplay (which always happens, but it's a bit much, and signals rushed development to me).

We should've gotten a couple more bugs too, no wasps? no caterpillars or butterflys?

The game is super fun and interesting, and there is so much you could do with the premise of the game. I speculate that the game was taking longer than Microsoft was comfortable with, and Obsidian was told to get it out the door.  If there was dlc planned I think they would've announced it by now, (just post a mysterious screenshot or something) and if there is no dlc, I only see us getting a few more quality of life/bug patches, then the game being abandoned.  The game deserves better than to be left half-finished and it's resources and labor poached for Avowed. And I am really looking forward to Avowed! (or I was?)

Now, hopefully this disjointed rant is wrong, but it makes me very concerned with the success of future planned Obsidian titles. They had a reputation almost two decades ago for releasing unfinished games, and I'd hate for that to happen to them again. Someone really needs to communicate what is going on.


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Definitely true statement Microsoft burns company's to get a game out because they want there share and the record obsidian has with half a$$ games it a big track unfinished sad to because this game could of been the biggest thing around. But sadly just another game people put money towards and u only get half a game no tier 4 weapons or Armour so many items to make so much out of, so much unused yard. I thought for sure they'd do something on the house patio as big as it was and use to have caution tape saying under construction idk there's alot missing story lagging areas and more I really wish they'd did better. Maybe they'll put out dlc or hopefully make better games later I'm sure outerworlds will be half baked prob

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