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KOTOR 2 Mod for Class-Specific Clothes at Creation Screen

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In the KOTOR 2 Prima guide, there is an image showing off the class-selection screen during the character creation stage which shows all six (2 genders x 3 classes) options standing in unique items from the game. If you look at the image attached, from left to right, you'll see the following classes wearing the listed robes:
- male jedi consular; Nomi's robe
- male jedi sentinel; Jedi robe
- male jedi guardian; Zeison Sha warrior armor
- female jedi guardian; Zeison Sha initiate armor
- female jedi sentinel; Baran Do Novice robe
- female jedi consular; Matukai Apprentice robe
Is there a mod that restores the robes to the character models standing at the character creation? I think it would be a really nice feature to have this again, as this being in the Prima guide suggests that it was in a pre-release version of KOTOR 2 before being cut. Thanks!


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