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Black Widow Set bonus is really really "Meh".

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For one of the most difficult sets of gear in the game to complete, the set bonus is so.....useless, honestly.   Like the only time I am worried about my movement speed is when I am traveling from one area to another, in which case I am not killing things.      Movement speed in combat isn't super meaningful, and the only time it might apply is large boss fights....which I would only gain the bonus after the boss dies.

Please rethink this one.   I can't imagine ever seeing a use for it other than like ONE circumstance - the Mixr defense event.

If the movement speed bonus were permanent that'd be great, but as-is it's super weak compared to other set bonuses.   Especially considering it's like....about 5 seconds.   That's hardly enough time to consider where I am going next.

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