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Is a shield worth it?

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i am new to Grounded :) I started a new single player campaign yesterday when the complete game launched.

I am playing at Medium and I was wondering if crafting a shield is worth the effort? I mean, if you block with a shield (without perfect timing) doest it protect you from all the damages?

If no I hope it protects you from the most of damages anyway.

I found the perfect block mechanic a bit hard and punitive since the bugs won't stop attacking even for 2 seconds.


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Hey vaultguy. So a shield is totally worth it.

Yes it protects you from 100% of the damage you would take from an attack when your guard is up. The exception being venom from bite attacks from say a spider. You will take no damage from the bite, but the venom will still get applied. It does not protect you from AOE attacks like Bombadier acid and Stinkbug gas or anything related to that.

Without spoiling anything related to mutations or other gear that helps with using a shield I would suggest giving it a go. The shield has a block threshold on it. If you take too many hits to your shield it will drop your guard, your stamina will plummet and you will be stunned for a couple seconds. And yes if you perfect block you not only negate damage but your block threshold won't take a hit. This includes venom from a spider attack I believe.

Also bugs has a fixed pattern. They switch between a few different attacks. Depending on the bug. You'll see big wind up attacks and quick smaller attacks. It is possible to dodge some of these attacks, but be aware that some bugs might have tracking target in their AI. So even if you side step they might follow you and hit you anyway. Or your shield. It is also possible to attack bugs in-between each of their attacks. You can get in 2 hits often and 3 hits a fair amount. But I believe in the higher level areas of the yard it might become increasingly hard to find an opening since some bugs don't follow the same pattern as bugs in the starting area.

I only wish we could upgrade the shield(s) in this game.


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