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Experiencing a few odd issues.

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I'm experiencing a few issues. I know the weevil meat has been reported multiple times, and at this point Ive incorporated it into my game play. Atleast I know if I'm starving I can run off to the mushrooms for weevil meat. However I am also noticing that Red Soldier Ants are wandering quite far from their homes. They are also senselessly attacking grass stalks and I often find them in tussels with ladybugs. I have seen this occur around the science machine, and around the pond. 

Multiplayer is rough. The sync is bad and I often find the host floating in the air. If I ask them to jump a few times this fixes it but it occurs pretty often. I also see more broken weevils in multiplayer. They vibrate in place and to kill them you have to aim away from them. The door to our base looks open but I cannot enter the space, and have to open and close the door to resync it to use it. Spiders in both singleplayer and multiplayer have weird floating legs. Like half of them are working correctly and the other half just hang in the air like a broken string puppet pulled too tight. Water droplets dont disappear when my teammeates use them. Leading to a lot of us going for water droplets that are not really there. Or when the grass is cut down the water droplets stay in place. Aphids are getting stuck and chirping constantly like crickets. We search endlessly to take it out but it seems like the aphids are underground and chirping.


Has anyone else experienced any of these or have they been reported? I know the weevil meat is a known issue and the spider legs has been an issue for a few patches.

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