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Suggestions/Changes for the Next Post-September Update

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Hey! First and foremost, I love the game to bits. It's absolutely immaculate, but I'd like to see it grow as much as everyone else here. So, these are some ideas I had. I know some of them have been posted before but... Maybe to give them more power to them?


֍ A way to hold your pet
Not to be mushy or anything, but most of the time, they seem to get stuck or get in the way of danger. Mine's been stuck a-top the leaf and it cannot get down anymore. So, it would be useful to be able to grab them and take them back to stable flooring.

֍ Relocate/Remove some Spider spawn points
I admit that this is a nitpick more than anything. But, one particular bug spawn that I never understood was the Wolf Spider in the BBQ Spill? Specially since it's never mentioned that they have any sort-of sizzle protection.
Also, maybe tone down the Orb Weavers a little bit. I feel that they're way too abundant, specially since Spiders are not social creatures, but they walk alongside one another like besties, I'm specifically thinking of those close to the Westside fence near the broken flower pot. I can kinda understand those in the Hedge since the laboratory is there, and it excuses it.

֍ Increase Bee Fuzz drops
This is another nitpick. But, Bees rarely drop more than 1 Bee Fuzz and they're already somewhat inaccessible to get to without venturing towards the Picnic Table or having a Bow/Crossbow to have such low drop rates, while rare and more valuable bugs like Scarabs or Roly Polies are more charitable with their drops.

֍ Add Voice Lines for Meals
I know this is a rather expensive and mildly unnecessary addition. But, it's kinda odd when you go through the labor to make a close-to-human meal, or even eat bits of human food and have the players react as if they're eating raw mushrooms or mushy roasted weavils. 

֍ Being able to see Weapons/Tools locations on the Map
It has happened more than once that I accidentally press R when wielding my tools and chucking them into who-knows-where. Obsidian has been nice enough to show a marker when we're close to it. But it would be a nice QoL to be able to tell where it felt when looking at the Map.

֍ A BURG.L upgrade to Looms and Grinders
They're super slow. Extremely slow. I'm sure there's a pretty valid reason as to why they are, but if there was an alternative mildly pricy upgrade to them to make them faster, God knows I'd get that in an instant.

֍ Upgrades/Fine Tuning to the SCA.B
Its radar function is very much a hastle to use, let's be honest. It's a hot-n-cold game to figure out in which direction the lil thingy is pointing to. If it had a compass or some sort-of way to more easily point to which way is the signal warming up to it would be much much more easier to use.

֍ Door behavior tuning for Multiplayer
There's been a constant de-sync regarding doors on my online playthroughs with friends. Some see them close, other see them open. They're bounced off because of this, some have clipped through the map because of it.


֍ A crafting recipe for Tough Gunk
I don't really mind the current way to get Tough Gunk. But, it would be kinda nice to have a recipe to get some without going on a rampage. Maybe using the Grinder and grind Roly Poly, Termite and Green Shield Bug Parts to get some?

֍ Add Cochroaches/Flies to the Trash Pile Area
It's kinda odd that there are no flies or roaches at all in such a dirty place. From a game perspective, we could maybe harvest their wings to make a Lv. 2 Glider? Maybe killing a certain ammount of them could give a Mutation to resist Toxic Fumes. Maybe they're could be a Roach Armor that's specifically strong against Fungal explosions/attacks to play around the whole "Only Roaches would live through a Nuclear Fallout".

֍ A Pulley system
It would be pretty useful for Builders trying to get crafting materials to far-to-reach places. A way to load them into a carry saddle (Maybe Pupa Leather?), and then have the player having to handle the pulley to reach those places. Maybe being able to carry players upwards with the same method.

֍ An Icebox/Fridge
We really need an structure to store food prone to spoilage. It would be odd for someone to just trash ice for us to harvest on the garden, but maybe we could do something mildly make-believe with Mint Shards? We're already using Boiling and Acid Glands to pretend the Cookery is ever lit, so I don't see why we couldn't do the same with a fridge.

֍ Furniture
I love to craft bases that feel homey, but the game is rather lacking on furniture outside of tables and chairs. Specially odd when Labs have shelves but we do not. Things like Shelves, Cupboards and Counters. They don't be to elaborate at all, just grass planks and weed stems can really do. Acorn Shells if you wanna be fancy.

֍ A Spyglass
A craftable Spyglass that is an upgrade to the Peep.R to look at things even further away. Just plant fiber and a dewdrop. Maybe be a little extra and make the glasses a-top the picnic smashable, and gather the glass shards to craft it.

֍ Mobiles
Rather fancy and I can begin to imagine how difficult it might be to implement, but hear me out. We could craft both a bicycle and a water boat. While I love exploring, running/fast swimming + mutation can only go so fast. It would be great for fast travelling. Maybe even tame Ladybugs to be make-shift horses. Put a cute lil' seat on top of them and ride em.

֍ Placeable Food
Extreme nitpick, absolutely unnecessary and I won't ever be mad if it's never implemented. But it would be so nice if you could place the food down.

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