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Upgrade system and quartzite

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I have been playing this game for a long time and have really enjoyed it. 


I have noticed something about the upgrade system that I don’t particularly like. As you go through the backyard you can find tough nuggets and style nuggets all around at an almost equal rate. I usually end a journey with more style nuggets however.


If you look at the system you can see that it takes a lot more work to upgrade weapons. You need tough nuggets, spicy/salty/minty shards, and twinkling shells.


For armor you don’t need as many nuggets and there are no other extra ingredients required. I have three pieces of armor and six weapons that I need to upgrade.


What I am saying is that it takes way more work to upgrade your weapons then it does your armor so maybe make upgrading armor more difficult or upgrading weapons cheaper.


Another thing I noticed is that there is still quartzite in the game. I don’t know if it’s on anybody else’s game or just a glitch in mine. I was looking in some of the sandbox caves when I found some. I think it’s supposed to be tough nuggets but I broke it and got quartzite shards.

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Yeah, Weapon upgrades are much more expensive, and the drop-rate on oxhorn beetle horns is disproportionately low for how few beetles there are on the map, so it can take farming the entire yard 5-6 times over before you have enough supreme whetstones to fully upgrade a weapon (especially if you are doing mighty upgrades). Compared with ladybird shells, which - while rare in terms of drop rate - are much easier to farm because of how many more ladybirds there are on the map.

Either the cost per upgrade needs to be reduced, or the oxhorns need to be an almost garunteed drop

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Yeah after thorough testing on Woah and Medium the drop rate is around 20% (1 Horn for every 5 kills). My stats were 18 Horns for 92 kills.

Getting weapons to level 7 is not so bad because you can farm Wolf Spiders and iWolf Spiders and you are guaranteed at least a 100% drop rate (1:1). Where it gets ugly is the Mighty Jewel recipe to get Mighty Weapons to Level 9. You need 10 Supreme Whetstones for Level 8 and TWENTY Supreme Whetstones for Level 9. 

So for my girlfriend and I, to take our Salt Morning Stars from Lv 7 to Lv 9 will require 300 (YES THREE HUNDRED) Ox Beetle kills. Total madness for such a fantastic game! And a 4-person MP sharing resources, well lets just forget it!!

Not sure if its an oversight or Obsidian being antagonistic. Because Armours are far cheaper and Ladybirds have great drop rates, I feel its an oversight. Unless they read this and nerf Armours, then it would be the latter lol

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