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Upgrade system and quartzite

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I have been playing this game for a long time and have really enjoyed it. 


I have noticed something about the upgrade system that I don’t particularly like. As you go through the backyard you can find tough nuggets and style nuggets all around at an almost equal rate. I usually end a journey with more style nuggets however.


If you look at the system you can see that it takes a lot more work to upgrade weapons. You need tough nuggets, spicy/salty/minty shards, and twinkling shells.


For armor you don’t need as many nuggets and there are no other extra ingredients required. I have three pieces of armor and six weapons that I need to upgrade.


What I am saying is that it takes way more work to upgrade your weapons then it does your armor so maybe make upgrading armor more difficult or upgrading weapons cheaper.


Another thing I noticed is that there is still quartzite in the game. I don’t know if it’s on anybody else’s game or just a glitch in mine. I was looking in some of the sandbox caves when I found some. I think it’s supposed to be tough nuggets but I broke it and got quartzite shards.

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