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So I've been playing this game for just over a week and I live it so far, but I am having an issue with diverting the power at the hedge lab. I got to the Lab and found all the password peices to log into the terminal. After logging into the terminal and unlocking the room with the superchip, I seem to have no power switch on the wall. I have watched multiple YouTube videos, read walkthroughs, and looked on forums, but everyone seems to have a power switch on the wall next to the table. For me there are only two computer like screens on the wall and no switch. My game is up to date. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no luck. I've tried starting new worlds and that doesn't work either. No matter what I do I have no power switch or can't find it but I've looked everywhere in the hedge lab. If anyone else has had this issue or knows a solution that would be awesome. I love this game and I want to progress further. Thanks!

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They moved the resource lever to separate spot, you can activate resource analyzer very quickly instead of having to complete whole hedge lab. Watch some other video that's released in last month if you can't find the switch but it's at very beginning after you start exploring hedge.

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