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In-game mod compatability (console)

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Im aware of console limitations when it comes to modding. However Bethesda managed with Skyrim and the Fallout series. I know grounded is easily modded on PC, however i think itd be a nice idea if there was an in-game mod workshop where players (regardless of system) can enjoy and experiment.

It adds a great deal of replayability in open world games which would bring more players along with it. 

I love the game vanilla and although i have a pc i prefer to play grounded on my xbox. However, i do think a mod system would bring a bit more life and freedom into the game as it allows players who might have already seen and done everything to add mods that could spice things up and/or completely change some aspects of the game. Whether that be with custom insects, textures, or even items/equipment overhauls.

Other games that have incorporated in-game mod workshops all saw rises in player count and positive reviews.

Just a little idea that i think would increase the player count and long-term playability :)

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