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Needs Your Help!

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1.  My arrows, all kinds. Are getting stuck in the dirt clods under the shed porch.  The ones that the pupua hang from.


2.  Getting kicked randomly from "shared" games, no matter who hosts.

3.  Any way to increase the arrow pick up range or give them magnetic properties?  They are still rolling into rocks, the garden fencing.  Had one roll off the welcome mat at the shed and go down into the space between the porch and wall.


4.  Can you make some items, ACCESSORIES, like the gas mask, flippers, bubble helmets.  Head lamp can be an item that attaches to your head gear.  

Reason, I'd love to swim around in full koi outfit and be ignored and not swallowed by the koi, but changing koi helmet fir bubble and flippers for legs sucks.

And gas masks.

Or make the pieces upgradable some how like the smithy bench, combine flippers with koi legs only if you have these items.  Or gasmask and bubble helmet.


Ok I think I'm done for today.

Roll on PTS.  



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