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Should renamed saves have their renaming resat when overwritten?

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I find this behaviour annoying.

But that is my personal preference. I like order and that things stay the way I left them, not reverse the actions I did. At least give me the choice if it renaming should be reset to "[Area in the yard]" like "Grasslands". Sometimes I want it, sometimes I do certainly not.

  • I use renaming saves to identify a certain situation or state in the game. Like "Before bug" and "After bug". Sometimes I want to update to a better situation of "before" or "after", but without having to re-rename the save.
    Granted this is quite an unusual scenario, but none the less one I often use.
  • Further more, with a controller it is cumbersome to type something compared to using a keyboard.

These are my two reasons, feel free to disagree and share why you think it should stay this way 🙂 

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