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How to fix one-piece dependency weakness in construction

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The building designs in Grounded are fun and look great (except, why does it take a bazillion science points to figure out how to make a curved wall or a stem floor?) but that's not my point here.

The big problem I see here is that every aerial construction project is tied back to one block... and aerial is the best place to get away from bugs!

I build a ramp up into a tree, then build out a platform, then put all my stuff on top of it, but no matter how many supports I build down from that platform later on, they are all only for show.  If I destroy that one first piece of ramp I built, then every other piece I snapped to that grid will be destroyed.  

The solution is simple enough.  If I place a piece against a tree or other object and it intersects with the geometry of that object, you have to consider it as anchored to that object.  You are already doing this with objects on the ground, at least with foundations.  If I build out a row of foundations on the ground and then recycle the first one, the others will usually stay.  But if I build a platform in the air and then add supports underneath later, they do nothing.  After a huge base is in place and looking as though it's anchored in multiple places, it's ridiculous for it to all come falling down because I decided to upgrade one clover ramp.  So in addition to anchoring construction that intersects with the world, we also need to anchor construction that intersects with other construction, EVEN IF IT WASN'T SNAPPED TO THE SAME GRID WHEN IT WAS BUILT!

Thank you.



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