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I've been getting this MULTIPLAYER CONNECTION FAILURE error message, and it's very frustrating. Anyone else experiencing this?

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I couldn't play it i just refunded on steam, but i really want to play the game with my friend, i tried every solution on the internet and nothing really happen

sea of thieves, age of empires iv and halo infinite and they all work fine for me but why Grounded i hope DEV find a solution for the server problems.

every teredo solution and nothing change even after updates everything on microsoft store for xbox and the game still didn't work with solo mode only, IF anyone know something or how to deal with this i will really be grateful.


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13 hours ago, Chuchan said:

Same issue here. I used to play on One X and everything was perfect, but then i changed with a Series X device, and then that trouble appears. But multiplayer works on pc. Maybe is a series X server issue?

the multiplayer doesn't work for me on pc, and i try everything, but nothing work with me

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I can run multiplayer on pc and one X, but not on series X. I have tried everithing, reinstalling The Game, rebooting router and console, praying to the ancient and new gods, sacrifying a lamb, even shouting to the TV, but nothing works. Is there another way to ask for assistance or we have to wait an answer here?

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