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Can't log into my xbox account

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I'm on PC  and steam, the game cannot log with my xbox account. And fails without information on the cause.

Tapping F1 or after the first loggin attempt, it revert to offline


Hence I can't play multiplayer, whish is the reason why I bought the game.


Could you help me please?


I created a new Xbox account at the first install, because I forgot that I had one. Hence there may be a conflict with the two account.

But I can't log out.

After re-installing the game, deleting local files (saves and configs in appData) it is always the same account that the game use.
Also I noticed that going into solo, starting a new game, then going back to main menu show the Nickname of the account instead of "OfflineUser".

But multiplayer still sees me as log out.


Here is a list of fix I tried  and found on internet (I may forget some) :

- Xbox Networing repare (launching the app always show Teredo as blocked and NAT type as not eligible, reparing it works, the game still not work)

- Reparing the game's installation do not show error

- Various Teredo fixes, through shells, regedit, services.msc... All seems to work

- Ipv6 ping to myself works

- Network drivers updated

- Antivirus and firewall exclusion or deactivation

- Various NAT port forwarding on my router

- Ip Helper service is running correctly

- Other VPN closed

- Checked the hostname file


Internet is not finding new solutions, hence here I am :)


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Nearly same problem here, recently bought the game on Steam after having issues with the xbox version (other topic).
Anyway, on steam, I'm doing same and giving credentials for login on the game, even greeted with a "welcome back" screen, but then, loads, and back to OfflineUser..

How can we get to work online ?



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Same problem, I want to login with my every day normal already used in other games (and in this one too!) Xbox account.

Every time I login after the welcome page, my avatar and username loads correctly, but the game ignores it and goes back to the offline main menu again...

My account is the same as I`ve already used before. Tried to login with the authenticator app and password with the same result: logged successfully but load the offline main menu after...

Tried to delete the game config page and save folder too, nothing changed, only this time I`m presented with the sensibility warning after the login and continues offline, of course!

Does anyone have a workaround? I want to play it with my girlfriend and she does not have this problem.


p.: I`m using Steam and Windows 11 Pro

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