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Tier Weapons for full release please read my idea.

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As with the 0.14 update - please please don’t make the early weapons useless to early.

with the new upgrade system I’ve the perfect idea which requires little effort to fix.

start of game all tier 1 weapons must be levelled up from 1-5 first within the first lab or two you find a notes about tier 2 versions 

at the crafting bench you use the level 5 tier 1 and parts to make Tier 2 weapon. 

This Tier 2 weapon can now be upgraded to level 7 using the system that you’ve made if you wanted to make it harder only the tier 2 nuggets could be used to achieve this. 

While in the black ant lab/haze labs you find the notes for Tier 3 versions you will need to level up to the Tier 2 weapon from 1-7 this time and add parts to make the Tier 3 at the crafting bench - This weapon can be then levelled to 9 with the rad nuggets as they can only be broken by tier 3 weapons.

it might feel like it would take a while  sure but truly makes you look for all resources to upgrade weapons you don’t get to OP to early in the game and you level up correctly to face what your facing as the game progresses. 

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