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I am just posting this to ask if there are any other issues that need brought to mind.
I regularly fight the wolf spiders in the oak tree around the ant mound, every so often however one of the spiders will smack an ant and cause that ant and any other in the radius to aggro me.
I have seen them gang fight stinkbugs when lured. With the wolf spiders however they want to attack the player character over the creature that attacked them (wolf spider)
I have had this result using melee weapons (ants were behind the spider so no cleave/splash to the ant) and ranged weapons where i hit the spider only (1 shot to pull it)

Have had similar results with ladybugs where a passing mite will be attacking me miss and hit a roaming ladybug. Ladybug aggro's mite and then will sometimes (40%) ignore the mite and try to kill me.

I agree that there should be some level of faction aggro and I would love to see more interaction between the insects in the yard, but there seems to be something going on with wanting to fight the player > everything else.

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