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That the bugs can strike back at your base should be optional. (feedback)

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That the bugs attack your base is bad. It should be an option to turn on or off. I dont think its fair when you're chilling and chopping grass in a territory of a bug, and then they come in hords to your base to kill you and destroy the things you've build. Nearly every part of the map is a territory, so how am i supposed to not trigger the bugs ?How did you guys think that that's an good thing to add ???

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It is an option if you do a custom game. But you can also build your base in such a way that the bugs can't get to it, or have a very difficult time getting to it. 

Example, Building your base on the baseball, or on the rocks near the first research dome.  The Ant are unable to jump or climb the rocks. So you are safe.  Once you are well established and have good equipment and supplies, then you can relocate or build another base in a more open location and not have to worry about it being overrun and loosing "everything"

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10 hours ago, AvMAN said:

It is an option if yo

There is always a downside of bases. I've watched videos about the best base spots and there is always a big downside. 
If the Ants cant reach you, the spiders can. And even if you find a way to avoid the ants and spiders, you will be left with mosqitos and bees that can destroy your base. 

People buy the game to enjoy it. If you do not enjoy such a major mechanic, you shouldnt be forced to deal with it.
I know that i can disable it in a custom game, but i don't want to start all over again. 

But anyway, thank you for trying to help me. 

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The current Beta 0.14 of the game allows you to change the settings on a current game on the fly.

So this issue you are having seems to be resolved.

No need to start a new game to turn the feature(s) on or off.


New Features

Convert Non-Custom Games to Custom

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