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Skyfall Update

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this update could add:

*Butterflies and Moths - these will provide wing materials in order to make and improved Glider or maybe your very own wings. there may also be a chance to find Butterfly eggs and hatch them into caterpillars that will eat nearby grass stalks and provide grass planks, if kept alive for five or so days it will pupate into a Butterfly and give you a Flying Mount.

*Dragonflies and Hornets - these will provide gossamer Wings which could be used as a substitute for glass, such as windows, chandeliers and hanging lanterns. they will also hunt other flying insects for food.

*Robin, Finch, and Sparrow - smaller birds that will actively hunt insects (and you) in designated areas i.e; near the tree, picnic table and hedge, they will provide less feathers than the Crow. 

*Rain - a random weather even that makes it dangerous to go around without shelter as water causes splash damage that knocks you about randomly, may also damage weakened structures or floor roofless bases. After the Rain however, insects are easier to kill as many will be slowed by minor flooding or possible status effect of slowed. (with water droplets stuck on their body to show this status)

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