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Never Yet Beat Triple Crown, It's Still My Favorite Challenge

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I'm level 10-ish heading in to Act 3 in my latest Triple Crown attempt. I have a DPS rogue main character with a party of Eder, a custom barbarian (high INT fire godlike using Durance's staff), Durance, Pallegina, and whoever else I feel like in the sixth slot (usually Grieving Mother). It's a durable party that's well-equipped for most encounters but I'm not confident it could take out a dragon without some heavy scrolls, which I don't really have the lore skill for. I don't run a duplicate party on non-ironman mode to work out strategies and I try to avoid the wikis because that's how I interpret the spirit of the challenge. I think I could actually finally beat the game with this party but maybe not the White March, but if i fail i won't be mad. It's the most fun I've had in gaming for a long time just making decisions about whether to attempt one quest or another for fear of losing the entire run.

There's so much talk these days about the difficulty of From Software games and I had some fun learning what's involved with those but I think Pillars I and II high-level achievements are really working on another level of masochism and one that's both more enjoyable and less repetitive in my opinion, especially when it comes to the fundamental gamelplay aspect of designing effective character builds.  

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