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So for the new update, there is a bunch of settings that I am not able to turn off, because once you have custom settings for a game, if that game already has progress, you’re not able to touch any of the custom settings.
Hopefully there’s a way they could change that, where in game we have the option to turn on or off some settings. 
I lost hours of gameplay when I jumped back into playing, because I did not know that the new update had the event where your base will get attacked, so I was not able to save, or change settings, so I lost a couple of bases, some unlocked labs, and a bunch of builds and gear throughout the game.

There were so many topics put out on people having similar issues, but those issues were actually it saying your base was being attacked and they were able to find ways around fixing it, like avoiding the area that is apparently being attacked, or killing off all the bugs.

There were no bugs for me or specified the areas being attacked, so there was no way to even finish it or stop the attack, even when you wait a couple of hours in game, whether you are at the current base it’s saying is being attacked, or you go around the map and come back, it doesn’t say anything is being attacked, it’s just when I am trying to save it won’t let me because it says my base is under attack, when nothing is happening throughout the map.

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