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Durability and Custom Game Settings

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Custom Game Settings are one of my favorite additions but I think there’s some additional settings that could really help people play the game how they want to play it. 

I’ve just recently moved from Mild to Medium and I personally strongly disliked how quickly things break. I enjoy the increased difficulty in regards to the bugs and such but the increased durability has been a bit of a downer.  I’ve seen the same sentiment echoed quite a bit especially in regards to woah mode. (Where apparently the rate is increased even more) 

My suggestion is simply to add another custom game setting that allows you to set the rate of degradation for armor and weapons.  Maybe based on the difficulty levels (medium difficulty for bugs/combat but with mild level durability damage)

I think being able to set the rate of food and water depletion would also be a good idea because while I personally don’t mind it in medium, not everyone wants that but they want the other aspects of higher difficulties like damage. 

As it is you can turn off these mechanics but I wouldn’t want to turn them off completely. They’re a big part of the game and I want them present I just wish I could tweak them somewhat so I could enjoy the game more. As is I’m not sure I’d ever dare touch Woah mode simply because of the durability rate.

I think the more options you provide players (even if it’s in an advanced settings option) the more people can change the game to suit their personal needs and wants. It’s a great thing to have and I’m very grateful for what we have now, I just think there’s even more potential there.  


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