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This game could really use something similar to Fallout 4 survival mode, or anything else except the current bullet sponge enemies and needless weapon upgrades

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I don't understand how anyone at Obsidian thought it was fun to have to constantly upgrade your guns (to magically deal more damage), so you can fight against enemies that for some reason can survive a full magazine from an assault rifle. Bullet sponge combat is horrible gameplay, and the constant upgrading and repairing of guns is nothing more than busywork. Its one of the biggest criticisms of this game, and I hope it doesn't carry over into TOW 2.


How can this be fixed? Well in Fallout New Vegas (also made by Obsidian), they have the same style of combat but to a lesser extend. High level enemies can survive several shots to the face from a pistol, but not from an anti material rifle. Already by not having guns that have levels, and enemies only level scaling a little, they improve combat a lot. Furthermore you can make it even better with mods. Firstly there's one that mimmicks Fallout 4 survival mode, where you deal 1,5x damage but also take 2x damage. This makes combat much more intense as each hit matters. The next are the mods "real recoil" which gives your guns a lot of recoil, and "enemies can miss" which makes the enemies' accuracy much more realistic. Together with bullet time and sprint mods you can make New Vegas combat super intense, and this is something I would love to see in TOW 1 with mods or a new difficulty mode, or in TOW 2. Having long, drawn out slap fights isn't fun. Its much more rewarding when combat more intense. Having realistic accuracy and recoil also makes it so installing mods to improve this or having skills/perks that improve it much more useful, and its more realistic than "+20% damage" perks. It also makes stuff like TTD or drugs much more powerful, as the extra performance they give can now give you a much needed edge.


Getting rid of level scaling enemies, leveling weapons, and (in my opinion) also repairs, would make this game a lot better. Its a shame that there isn't official mod support, then I'm sure someone would have made a mod for it already.

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What I want is the removal of the reputation system since the negative part kinda pissed me off and the fact that I wouldn't buy the game and I am just sticking with New Vegas 1 and not looking forward to New Vegas 2 since Obsidian might add this feature.

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