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Please Fix some Game Glitches

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1. Collision glitch when the host or the player is lagging. You can't stand on the platforms like rocks or branches, sometimes, you'll fall within the ground and die. Restarting the lobby can fix this, but...
2. You can't join in again when you disconnected from the game. Sometimes you do, in most of my cases, I can't.
3. Rubberbanding during lag is annoying. It won't update your current location unless you jump.
4. Little tiny hole where your backpack fell and cannot retrieve your item. Maybe put some little collisions to cover it and not always be a mesh collision or something.
5. Ladders are terrible in Multiplayer. You can't climb right away. You need to spam interaction to trigger the animation.

6. Items that fell above the interactable object (like a chest) are hard to pick up. Even if you have the hand icon, you'll open or use the object instead.

The game was a fun and interesting concept of weaponry and etc. I also love the level design.

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