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Rubberbanding/player warping issue

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I've been playing Grounded since the pond update which I didn't notice any issues then aside from the explosion at the lab on non-host players screens would stay. I actually kind of like that bug. The new issue with my group of players is that no matter what computer or connection is used, non-host players will warp or rubber band. Generally, we build a base next to the pond where the end of the tree root is, and we've done so since we found the place. So, the issue here is that usually I don't host so I will try to enter the house and find myself warping backwards several times to be walking into a wall. I'll adjust my position and try to walk in again. I won't be able to open the door and within a few seconds, I'll be outside again. I can leave this area and be mostly fine, but this seems to be a huge issue for that area. Namely because we have a staircase going into the air and I'll warp to the ground and die. We also sometimes (but more or less rare now) get a high ping message. I have extremely fast internet and don't have this issue in other games. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue and if there's some sort of work around.

Additionally, there's the Bluetooth audio bug where I can use a BT speaker in single player just fine, but for multiplayer, the audio won't play. I did see someone report this issue on the forums, but that person didn't get any replies on his post. 

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