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Tamed Bee Delivery System

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I was running through all my bases searching for my salt shards when I thought that an item mailing system between bases could be good. So this is what I think could work :

A Tamed Bee Mailing System

1.So you need to tame a bee, or bees, maybe with nectar.

2.You can build flower landing pads in your bases. When you use it you can call your bee by doing a little dance on top of the flower landing pad, bee style. 

3. Your Bee can stock some items (4, 6, or more inventory slot, I don't know).

4. You can send your bee to another base where a flower landing pad is already build. She drops all of her items into the Flower landing pad container.

5. (Extra) interaction with the bird : if you send your bee to a base near where the bird actually is, he may eat it. All will be lost :(

6. (Extra) You can train your bee to maybe transport you (not like a mount, only base to base) or to avoid the bird and so on.

I think it might be good, especially with the game going on. I mean, I use zipline to go from base to base, but let's be honest they kinda all use some cheesy building mechanics like bugged trampoline or insanely long and gravity defying clover ramps. If a construction patch is added before launch, running through the backyard will take a lot of time, and with the equipement system becoming grindy you need to go from ressources spots to ressources spots to gear up.

So this is an idea, and thank you for working on this game which gave me so much hours of fun already :)

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