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Dog fart arrows and cracked ice cooler biome

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Hi, my name is Maddox and I am 8 years old. I really enjoy your game grounded and I have thought of some ideas that you guys might be able to utilize.

Okay so my idea is to make mega gas arrows with dog farts, that you hang on a drying rack near a farting dog. Another idea I have is an ice biome. This could be from a cracked ice cooler or something that you go into where the environment is a whole lot colder. You could collect thicker leather for the ice biome from a rat or some other kind of animal that offers protection. Maybe fire ants, lol. Finally, for quick movement or some kind of perk for the winter biome you can make ice skates using insect shells for blades or something like that. If possible please name the dog Grady :-).  Thank you for your time and for reading my thoughts.

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